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The following information about Vernon Hills is courtesy of a dedicated Realtor, Judy Greenberg.  I saw this on Judy's Active Rain Blog and it is presented so much better than I could have ever dreamt of.  If you want to learn more about Vernon HIlls, Buffalo Grove or Long Grove, please visit Judy's website, her blog or simply give her a call 847-602-5435.

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Vernon Hills Real Estate....
Vernon Hills, Illinois

Are you considering moving to the Vernon Hills area?  Vernon Hills, Illinois  currently has great real estate for sale and  like most cities today,it is definitely a buyer's market.  

Let me give you an overview of  of Vernon Hills and the top 10 questions  my real estate clients ask when they are relocating to the Vernon Hills area. 

Where is Vernon Hills located as it relates to Chicago?

Vernon Hills, Illinois is located in Lake County about 30 Miles Northwest of Chicago.  If you are driving on the toll way from Chicago to Vernon Hills, you would exit off of Route 60 and head west. Vernon Hills is approximately 45 minutes without any traffic to Chicago's downtown and with traffic, your guess is a good as mine.

How  convenient  is it to park at the Vernon Hills Train Station and what is the Vernon Hills train's schedule?

The Vernon Hills train station is located at 75 East Rt 45 in Vernon Hills,

With respect to parking, its both relatively inexpensive and convenient.   The daily fee for parking at the Metra Station is $1.50 per vehicle.  Parking is first come first serve. The  Vernon Hills Village Hall offers a 2-Month parking pass for those who use the train on a daily basis that prefer to have the convenience of a pass rather than a $1.50 in change.  The pass costs $50.00 and covers 2 months at a time.  Note, however, that the fee will be pro-rated as each week passes within the two-month period.  Applications may be mailed into the  Vernon Hills Village Hall along with a $50.00 check a week to two weeks prior to the beginning of a new two-month period.  Your application will be processed and a parking pass will be mailed back to you. Click here for the Vernon Hills train schedule

How is the real estate market doing in Vernon Hills?

Just like real estate in other locations,  it definately is a buyer's market in Vernon Hills.  There are Real estate opportunities in all facets of the community.   If you are considering buying a single-family detached home, condominium, townhouse or land for a custom house, this is the time to take advantage of the real estate market.

For current market conditions please call Judy at 847-602-5435

What is the average selling price of a home in Vernon Hills?

For the first 7 1/2 months of 2008 the average selling price of a home in Vernon Hills was $494,123

How are the Schools in Vernon Hills?

The Schools in Vernon Hills are excellent!  The following is a list of the schools that serve the homes in Vernon Hills.  Before buying real estate in one of the Vernon Hills neighborhoods, always check the school report card of the specific school to see if it fits the needs of your family. 


Daniel Wright Junior High District 103(5-8) - 847-295-1560
Diamond Lake Elementary District 76(2-4) - 847-566-6601
Fairhaven School District 76(K-1) - 847-949-0991
Laura B. Sprague District 103(K-2) - 847-945-6665
West Oak Middle School District 76(5-8) - 847-566-9220
Hawthorn Aspen Elementary School District 73(K-6) - 847-990-4300
Hawthorn Townline Elementary School Dist 73(K-5) - 847-990-4900
Hawthorn Elementary North District 73 (K-5) - 847-990-4500
Hawthorn Elementary South District 73 (K-5) - 847-990-4800
Hawthorn Middle School North District 73 (6-7) - 847-990-4400
Hawthorn Middle School South District 73(6-8) - 847-816-8317

Libertyville High School District 128- 847-327-7000
Mundelein High School District 120- 847-949-2200
Stevenson High School District 125- 847-634-4000
Vernon Hills High School District 128- 847-932-2000

Carmel High School Private

What health clubs are available in Vernon Hills?

Soon the town of Vernon Hills will be getting one of the best fitness clubs, Lifetime Fitness located at 680 Woodlands Parkway. Many of my real estate clients have already signed up for this fitness club and it hasn't even opened. Vernon Hills residents can also use Sullivan Center  which  has fitness equipment and a variety of classes offered

That goes without saying in Vernon Hills...  There are numerous places to shop in Vernon Hills, and many residents of nearby communities take advantage of the village's abundant shopping opportunities. Whether you like Macy's, Best Buy, Home Expo, or Supertarget, Vernon Hills has it all, 

How would you rate the Vernon Hills Park District?

Vernon Hills Park Districtwas recognized in excellence in 2006 and I can understand why.    The Vernon Hills  Park District doesn't miss a beat.   Vernon Hills Residents can take advantage of many wonderful park district programs, including, an aquatic center and 2 golf courses- both a 9 hole course and a 18 hole course, I have played both of these courses and have been equally challenged by the 9 hole course as the 18 hole course.

Besides golf courses, Vernon Hills provides fishing, outdoor skating and sledding in many different locations

Vernon Hills owns approximately 45 acres of land between Fairway Drive and Route 45.  Three school districts, Libertyville H.S. District 128, Stevenson H.S. District 125, and Lincolnshire/Prairie View District 103, have portions of the site for use as athletic fields. 7.5 are were used for a road right-of-way to connect Fairway Drive with Route 45  The remainder of the village's parcel has been used to develop active and passive recreational facilities including soccer fields, ball diamonds, tennis courts, football fields, field hockey fields, a skateboard park, volleyball courts, bike paths and water features.

What about activities for Seniors?

Vernon Hills has an active Senior population with many activities all year round.The  Vernon Hills Seniors Organization meets in the lower level of the Village Hall in the Senior Center.  The Seniors Center offers a library, computers with internet capability, pool tables, television, meeting place as well as a kitchen.  Members meet regularly to play bridge, pinochle and Mah Jong as well as watch movies and celebrate birthdays.

Can you think of any other reasons I would consider moving to Vernon Hills?

Vernon Hills prides itself with lakes, ponds, and forest preserves.  Vernon Hills boasts over 400 acres of parklands.  I don't live in Vernon Hills, but it is just a stone's throw away from my house.  I take advantage of all that Vernon Hills has to offer, and  have rode my bike numerous times  through the Vernon Hills forest preserves, a wonderful place to spend time both  for exercise, and  to enjoy  the beautiful scenery.   Every year Vernon Hills sponsors  a wonderful Concert in the Park Series in the month of June, July and August.  It's a wonderful time to enjoy great music in a relaxed atmosphere.


If you decide that Vernon Hills is one of the cities that you would like to live, click on and you will be able to view all the available real estate listings.  Whether you are interested in single family homes, townhomes, condos, or land to build your dream home, www.movetovernonhills.comwill be a great real estate site dedicated to find you the perfect home or real estate for investment. allows for you to narrow down your real estate search by price, location, number of rooms, school district etc. 

Even if you are not ready to purchase your dream home, Vernon Hills has many rental opportunities from gorgeous penthouse condos to 4000 square feet homes.   

Vernon Hills population is 24,200 people.

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